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25 trending protective hairstyles for hair growth

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Are you looking for a cute trendy hairstyle that will help you grow and retain your hair effectively?

Here are 25 gorgeous hairstyles that you would be showing your hairstylist at your next appointment.

These are hairstyles that tuck away the natural hair to prevent unnecessary contact with environmental factors that can lead to hair loss.

Protective hairstyles tuck away the hair strands helping to maintain their integrity. 

So that factors like frequent styling, dry weather or excessive heat do not have a direct effect on the hair. 

This thereby helps to retain your hair length while your hair grows.

The hair grows half an inch ever month according to the hair growth cycle. 

The right protective hairstyle will provide an adequate environment that will promote the hair growth cycle.

Most women tend to wear their hair in protective hairstyles even more than they wear their natural hairstyles.

It is fun to change how you look by simply changing your hairstyle.

Protective hairstyles are as the name implies protective of the natural hair but by so doing they make caring for and maintaining the hair easier and less stressful.

You don’t have to worry about detangling  your hair when it’s in a protective hairstyle or anything like that.

You can literally just wake up and go when your hair is in a protective hairstyle.

Do you need ideas for your next hairstyle? Are you finally ready to put that old wig away and do another protective hairstyles? Here I have 25 trending protective hairstyles in 2023 that I’m certain you will love.

1. Stitch braids hairstyle

This gorgeous all back stitch braid style is the perfect protective hairstyle for any occasion. Are you taking a trip to the Maldives? Are you attending a wedding or another event? This style is the perfect hairstyle. The only downside is that it’s probably not going to last very long. After a week or two and it’s not going to look so good anymore. So I’d recommend this style for a short holiday or event.

2. Box braids hairstyle

Box braids are the perfect hairstyle or any event and you can have them installed for as long as you’re comfortable with and it will still look great. The reason why people shy away from it though is because it takes a while to install. Anytime I’m getting my box braids installed i have to mentally prepare myself cause it takes hours.

3. Twists protective hairstyle

This goddess twist hairstyle on the 3rd slide is a really good option if you just want a quick easy protective hairstyle that doesn’t take too long to take down but it gets rough really fast.

4. Goddess braids hairstyle

I know everyone just loves goddess braids it looks so ethereal and tropical like your some type of fairy or something, One thing to consider is to always use quality hair to do the leave out if not it’s going to matte up real quick.

5. Nu locs

This style is just so gorgeous and the way she rolled up the ends give a whole new dimension to your ordinary locs. If you don’t already know, Locs are the elite hairstyle and these Nu locs are no exception.

6. Tribal braids with twists

Besides the fact that this model is killing this hairstyle, This twists and tribal hairstyle combo is the perfect mix. She looks like the ultimate baddie in this hairstyle and i want all my readers to look like baddies. So you guys should definitely try this hairstyle.

7. Butterfly locs

You guys already know locs have a very special place in my heart and they look so good. This hairstyle is bussing y’all should try it out.

8. Peekaboo tribal braids

I know peekaboo braids aren’t every bodies cup of tea but it looks amazing on this model and it would great on you too.

9. Tribal braids

Tribal braids (especially this one) just look great on everyone. Don’t sleep on this hairstyle.

10. Big size twists

This one is for all my people who don’t like to sit still for too long. This is a quick easy gorgeous hairstyle for when you don’t have a lot of time but still want to look cute.

11. Invisible locs

I mean the locs just do it for me, i don’t know about you but this is definitely on my to do hair list

12. Tribal bohemian braids

This is another type of goddess and tribal braids. Trust me you can never go wrong with this hairstyle.

13. Passion twists

Passion twists are slowly becoming a fav. it’s just that they don’t really last long for all hair types. (The model looks so beautiful by the way)

14. Braided bob

I really like this bob braid look, it’s so easy to carry and has little to no stress you just wake up and achieve this gorgeousness. but I personally don’t like looking the same for too long.

15. Knotless braids with French curls

French curls are everything right now and this knotless braids style and colour looks amazing on this model but just image this style in ginger i mean chief’s kiss.

16. Neat braids

I love the creativity behind this hairstyle, the two space buns would look adorable but then again there’s not much you can do in the styling department and i don’t just like looking the same so i would opt for something else but if you want quick and easy this is definitely for you.

17. Knotless braids with tight curls

I mean everything about this hairstyle is just great it’s a ten out of ten for me.

18. Braided ponytail

This ponytail hairstyle looks like a dream y’all should definitely try it.

19. Tiny cornrows

First of all can we give it up for the baby hairs (cue applause). This hairstyle is giving everything and i know i like hairstyle that can be styled differently but i always feel like that bitch when i get cornrows.

20. Layered braids

This layered braids are a vibe right now and this colour looks amazing.

21. Stich braid cornrows

I totally love all the curves and edges of this hairstyle (see what i did there, lol). It elevated from basic cornrows to edgy cornrows

22. Big size braids

You know i got all of you that hate to sit for too long, here’s another hairstyle that is quick, cute and easy.

23. Stitch ponytail

This braided ponytail is so gorgeous.

24. Short braids with beads

I mean wow, just wow, the pink is breathtaking and bold and it’s giving everything that it’s supposed to give.

25. Natural twists

This is the true definition that you don’t need any form of extensions to have a great protective hairstyle. This natural twist is gorgeous and easy and budget friendly.

Here are a few tips to help your hairstyle last as long possible while still looking good.

  1. Sleep with a silk bonnet on a silk pillow case
  2. Oil and massage your scalp daily with hair growth stimulants.
  3. Avoid using hair accessories with coarse materials that can unravel hairstyles.
  4. Moisturizer hair with live in conditioner.
  5. Avoid unnecessary touching and itching of the hair with fingers , instead use a blunt tool to itch.

There are a number of protective hairstyles out there and they all have different methods of maintaining them.

Check out ‘Cheat codes for long lasting braids’and ‘Cheat codes for long lasting locs

Some protective hairstyles are designed to last longer like braids, locs, twists and wigs which can generally last you about 2-3 months but I wouldn’t recommend going beyond this limit.

Other hairstyles like ponytails or natural hairstyles (I.e. hairstyles without extensions) only last about 2-4 weeks

As much as I’m a firm supporter of protective hairstyles, I don’t recommend doing it in excess. 

After getting a protective hairstyle you should let your natural hair rest for at least a day or two before getting another protective hairstyle.

This prevents your scalp from getting irritated and it reduces the tension on your head.

A hairstyle stops being protective when it’s counteracting the purpose of a protective hairstyle.

For instance, you get cornrows done and they’re so tight that your front hair starts to pluck out. 

Instead of protecting your hair the hairstyle has done the opposite by causing hair loss.

Don’t get me wrong there will always be hair loss because we naturally shed away hair, but when the hair loss from the hairstyle is far more than the new growth then the hair not protective.


Here are 25 trendy protective hairstyles you need to try!

Not only do these hairstyles look beautiful they help you grow and retain your hair length.

Have you tried any of these hairstyles?

If you have, tell me which one in the comments below 

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