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4 best budget friendly protective hairstyles in Nigeria

This blog post is about the top 5 budget friendly hairstyles to try in 2023

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Times are really hard here in Nigeria but that doesn’t mean we have to start looking like our problems.

It’s important that we feel and look good in order to maintain our sanity in the midst of all these chaos.

It can be difficult to think of your beauty and self care when you have a lot more pressing needs like food, shelter and even fuel. 

That’s why I’ve put together 5 beautiful protective hairstyles that will cost you only about five thousand naira in total to make and will last for at least three weeks.

If you’re like me and you’re constantly looking for means to save money and still look cute, Here I have 5 budget friendly hairstyles in Nigeria that you can try.

These are hairstyles that tuck away the natural hair to prevent unnecessary contact with environmental factors that can lead to hair loss.

If you are looking to grow your hair with the least amount of effort then a protective hairstyle is the most effective way to do it.

Protective hairstyles tuck away the hair strands helping to maintain their integrity. 

So that factors like frequent styling, dry weather or excessive heat do not have a direct effect on the hair. 

This thereby helps to retain your hair length while your hair grows.

The hair grows half an inch ever month according to the hair growth cycle. 

The right protective hairstyle will provide an adequate environment that will promote the hair growth cycle.

Most women tend to wear their hair in protective hairstyles even more than they wear their natural hairstyles.

It is fun to change how you look by simply changing your hairstyle.

Protective hairstyles are as the name implies protective of the natural hair but by so doing they make caring for and maintaining the hair easier and less stressful.

You don’t have to worry about detangling  your hair when it’s in a protective hairstyle or anything like that.

You can literally just wake up and go when your hair is in a protective hairstyle.

This is a very versatile hairstyle. There are different styles of cornrows you can do with your natural hair. 

Although a great way to elevate the look of cornrows while on a budget is to at a little bit of attachment hair extensions to the ends of the cornrows.

This kind of hairstyle is perfect if you already have full hair and you need a protective hairstyle, it gives the illusion of feeding braids with less amount of hair extensions.

Some popular cornrow styles you can try are:

  • All back
  • Suku
  • Patewo/clap
Extensions1 medium sized attachment
Hairbyshades salon pricesmall-2500
Medium- 2000
Lasting time3-4 weeks
cornrows with attachment at the tips

This is a great versatile hairstyle that everyone must have tried! Twisting or braiding your natural hair is a very budget friendly and stressful hairstyle to try.

It less painful when compared to braiding or twisting with extensions because of the reduced tension the bulkiness of the attachment would have caused.

It is an easy hairstyle to maintain that requires no extensions.

Hairbyshades salon pricesmall-2500
Medium- 2000
Large- 1500
Lasting time4-6 weeks
natural twist or braids

This gorgeous hairstyle involves making 8/10 cornrows and crocheting kinky hair extensions through the cornrows to give the illusion of the natural hair texture while the hair is protected.

It is a great hairstyle if you’re looking for something different and you want to change your look. And it is supper budget friendly.

Extensions1pack of xpression ceres
Hairbyshades salon price2000
Lasting time4-6 weeks
kinky crotchet hair

Who doesn’t love a good ponytail hairstyle, the only problem is that it gets messy within a week.

So the modified version of your basic ponytail designed to protect your hair while giving you a budget friendly long lasting cute hairstyle is the cornrow ponytail.

This involves braiding the hair into a suku cornrows and then adding any form of extensions to the ends like a braided ponytail, curly or strand ponytail.

Although, a ponytail extension is preferred because it can be reused.

Extensions1pack of attachment/ ponytail extensions
Hairbyshades salon price1500
Lasting time1-2 weeks
cornrow ponytail

The entire point of making a budget friendly hairstyle is to save money. It would be very counterproductive if the hair get rough quickly and then you’ll have to spend more money remaking it.

That’s why I had to find solutions that would help you maintain your budget friendly hairstyles for as long as possible  without you looking messy or unkempt.

Here are a few tips to help your hairstyle last as long possible while still looking good.

  1. Sleep with a silk bonnet on a silk pillow case
  2. Oil and massage your scalp daily with hair growth stimulants.
  3. Avoid using hair accessories with coarse materials that can unravel hairstyles.
  4. Moisturizer hair with live in conditioner.
  5. Avoid unnecessary touching and itching of the hair with fingers , instead use a blunt tool to itch.

These are the top 5 budget friendly hairstyles to try in Nigeria if you want to look cute on a budget.

You can try different hairstyles like knotless braids, box braids, wigs, sew in weaves and so much more.

Which budget friendly hairstyle are your trying?

Let me know in the comments below.

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