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20 Braids colour ideas for Nigerian women

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It’s braiding season again! We all love getting those gorgeous braids done, whether it’s to go back to school/work or for vacation. Braids are the staple hairstyle for every Black woman.

It can get very boring doing the same type of braids every single time that’s why I would recommend spicing up the hairstyle every once in a while.

You can change the look of braids by getting different styles, check out 25 trending protective hairstyles for some inspiration.

You can also elevate your favorite hairstyle by doing it in a different color. Most people are scared to be adventurous with color for a bunch of reasons and others are more bold. Don’t worry I have something for everyone here.

I know finding the perfect braids colour can be a pain, there are just so many beautiful options. It can be very tempting to just go for the classic black option but there are a lot of beautiful colour option.

Here I have 20 perfect braids colors for your next protective hairstyles.

Braiding hair Colors

1. Ginger braid color

2. Honey blonde braid color

3. Strawberry blonde braid color

4. Golden brown braid color

5. Blonde braid color

6. Copper ginger braid color

7. Pink braid color

8. Red braids color

9. Dark brown braids colour

10. Copper braids colours

12. Deep purple braids colour

13. Gold braids color

14. Brown braids color

15. Platinum blond braids colour

16. Blue braids colour

17. Green braids colour

18. Wine braids colour

19. Orange braids colour

20. Black braids colour

You don’t necessarily need to dye your natural hair to get colored braids. 

Although, If you want a seamless transition between your natural hair color and the braiding hair it would largely depend on your hairstylist. 

You need a hairstyle who is skilled in effective tucking the natural hair into the braiding hair.

Depending on your hair type and hairstylist, colored braids should last you the same amount of time the normal braids would last and that’s about 2-3 months. 

Although, hair preparation before the hairstyle largely determines the lasting time of the braids. Check out cheat codes for long lasting braids to get your braids lasting longer.

As a someone who is trying to appear professional maybe for a job, I would not recommend getting neon colored braids..

This is because those colors are show stoppers and it might be getting you the wrong kind of attention at your workplace.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t join the colored hair club.

Here are some subtle colored braiding hair combinations for work, school or anyone who don’t like bold neon colors.

Black women were made to wear bold beautiful colors, it’s in our DNA so don’t be scared to try it.

The honest truth is that if you like the color and it makes you feel good you should definitely get it.

But if you’re finding it difficult to know what colors would best suit your skin, Here are two basic tips for choosing braiding hair color based on your skin type.

  1. Pick a contrasting color so you stand out. Avoid cookies that are too close to your skin tone.
  2. Don’t be scared to try bright colors because they look good on everyone

This is one of the things I recently started doing and trust me it changed my hair game forever I’m never going back.

Not only does this stimulate hair growth it helps your scalp look neat and prevents your hair from looking rough and messy.

Personally I would rather do without getting my edges out when getting my protective hairstyles because as the hair gets older your edges naturally come out of the style and then I’ll worry about slicking them down but I mean you don’t have to do what I do just make sure your edges are neat and you use good edge control products.

Most people don’t like to wash their hair when it’s in a protective hairstyles because there is this misconception that it will get rough and we’ll for some some protective hairstyles you simply just cannot for example wigs you can’t wash your hair when it’s under a wig but you can wash your braids but I wouldn’t recommend doing it too frequently once in 2-3 weeks is fine.

After washing your protective hairstyles you can allow to air dry naturally or you can blow dry it. This is just to make sure that the hair is completely dried before you style it. You don’t want it to start smelling damp.

For braided hairstyles, moose will help lay down all the fly always. It will also keep your hair looking like it was just made yesterday.

This is just am easy way for your hair to smell it’s absolutely best and look it’s absolutely best. Trust me they are a really good investment.


Here are 20 braiding hair color ideas to try for your next protective hairstyle.

So don’t let anything stop you from being bold and adventurous with color. 

Try out these colors for your next back to school hairstyles or your job.

What’s the boldest color you’ve ever tried?

Let me know in the comments below!

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