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Cheat code for long lasting braids

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Have you wondered how all the baddies still have gorgeous and neat braids after 4 weeks? 

Well, it’s because they have a really good braids care routine. I’m this blog post we’ll be discussing all the cheat codes to having your braids looking as good as new even after several weeks of making it!

Braids are such a convenient protective hairstyle making it very easy to neglect and once you neglect your braids, it will get rough very quickly.

If you want your braids to be worth the amount of money you spent to get them and last you at least 5 weeks then you need to put in effort to take care of your hair so that it you get the long lasting braids you want.

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By Folashade Ojuekaiye

Braids are an amazing protective style choice especially if you’re always on the go and you don’t really have time to do an extensive hair care routine everyday.

You can keep you braids for as long as 4-8 weeks as long as you are caring for it properly. I would not recommend keeping it for longer than this to prevent the hair from matting excessively.

When you keep braids for longer than 8 weeks it becomes so tangled and you end up losing a lot of hair during the process of taking it down.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will last you months and still look gorgeous then I would recommend getting the classic full braids. It can be either box braids or Knotless braids.

There are a lot of new gorgeous braid hairstyles that involve some time of weaving. Those only tend to last you anytime from 3-6 weeks before it starts to look rough.

By Folashade Ojuekaiye

You can absolutely wash your hair while it’s in braids. In fact I think it’s a sort to keep braids in for up to two months without washing it.

You can imagine the amount of dirt and buildup that can accumulate in the hair over a period of two months. The only way you can get it out is by washing it off.

There is a common misconception that once you wash your hair while it’s in braids it gets itchy and rough quickly but this only happens because it might have not been dried properly. 

So if you want to wash your braids ensure that you’re drying it properly.

You should do your routine as often as possible, at least once a week. This will help you maintain your hair for as long as possible!

1. Use a silk bonnet or scarf to wrap your head and sleep with a silk pillowcase.

This is one of the things I recently started doing and trust me it changed my hair game forever I’m never going back.

2. Oil and massage your scalp daily

Not only does this stimulate hair growth it helps your scalp look neat and prevents your hair from looking rough and messy.

3. Do you edges with a good edge control

Personally I would rather do without getting my edges out when getting my protective hairstyles because as the hair gets older your edges naturally come out of the style and then I’ll worry about slicking them down but I mean you don’t have to do what I do just make sure your edges are neat and you use good edge control products.

4. Wash your braids every 2-3 weeks

Most people don’t like to wash their hair when it’s in a protective hairstyles because there is this misconception that it will get rough and we’ll for some some protective hairstyles you simply just cannot for example wigs you can’t wash your hair when it’s under a wig but you can wash your braids but I wouldn’t recommend doing it too frequently once in 2-3 weeks is fine.

5. Dry your hair completely

After washing your protective hairstyles you can allow to air dry naturally or you can blow dry it. This is just to make sure that the hair is completely dried before you style it. You don’t want it to start smelling damp.

5. Use mousse

For braided hairstyles, moose will help lay down all the fly always. It will also keep your hair looking like it was just made yesterday.

6. Use hair perfumes

This is just am easy way for your hair to smell it’s absolutely best and look it’s absolutely best. Trust me they are a really good investment.

You can always maintain the actual braids but you can’t stop your hair from growing. I’m going to be telling you a way to get your roots looking new again without re-braiding.

The technique is similar to getting a re-lock service. It involves making the paths distinct again and using your favorite edge control to slick down all the new growth and then rolling the hair on itself like you would do if you were relocking the hair.

Finally, secure the braid in place with a hair clip and allow the hair to dry in this position.

I’ve found that this method is super easy to do and very painless when compared to crocheting the braid through the roots.

Here are my cheat codes to getting long lasting braids every time.

They include tips like using a silk bonnet, scarf and pillow case, oiling and massaging scalp daily, and so much more.

I hope this post was helpful, what new step are you adding to your routine?

Let me know in the comments below.

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