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10 Best Nigerian baddie birthday hairstyles

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Are you searching for a hairstyle for your next birthday? Gurll… you’re in luck cause I happened to have put together a list of the best Nigerian baddie hairstyles you can try on your birthday.

I mean who wants to look basic when they can look stunning (que the Nicki eye roll). You’ll be sure to slay your special day with any one of these gorgeous hairstyles.

Not only will these hairstyles have you looking and feeling like a baddie, they are also more budget friendly that buying a new wig.

Here I have 10 birthday hairstyles that I know you’re going to love

By Miss LAcream

Are you thinking of serving effortlessly on your birthday with this layered French curl braids look? 

My favorite part of this hairstyle is the soft bouncy French curls that just give the baddie look. You know she’s a baddie when you see those butt length curly ends!

The hairstyle is so beautiful and versatile. It can be styled in several different way’s making it about 20 different hairstyles in one.

Do you need colour ideas for your french curl braids? Click here!

If you are searching for a show stopper then you’ve found it! This gorgeous tribal braids updo has to be one of my personal favorite hairstyles.

The intricate weaving at the front just gives me royalty vibes and what’s a baddie without her crown.

(I’m not really sure if this hairstyle is called this)

This is a great last minute birthday hairstyle if you want to slay effortlessly while looking like a million bucks.

It is perfect if you want to spend your birthday shaking your ass on a hatch somewhere. 

Every reason for you to get this hairstyle is already in the name! I mean who doesn’t want to look like a goddess.

This gorgeous hairstyle is so unique and you know you’ll definitely stand out and be the center of attention at your birthday party.

Baddies can be simple and classy but never basic. Stitch braids all back are an elegant option for a simple birthday dinner that bring the attention back to your gorgeous face.

This is a hairstyle I don’t see a lot of people do. That’s your sign that this is the perfect birthday hairstyle that will definitely set you apart from everyone else.

You can never go wrong with knotless braids. Especially because it’s you and I know you’re a baddie.

Just an elevation from the knotless braids, why don’t you get goddess braids and tap into that goddess energy for your special day.

The goddess twist is an easier modification of the goddess braids especially if you’re looking for something that will be easier to loosen and take less time to make but you still want the baddie look you’ll get from goddess braids.

The ponytail hairstyles is a staple birthday hairstyle that you need to try.You can decide between different ways of laying the hair to make a gorgeous ponytail that you can slay on your birthday.

Besides this hairstyle is so easy to make. You can even install the ponytail hairstyle yourself if you want to save more money!

What plans do you have for your birthday? When choosing the perfect hairstyle you need to consider how practical the hairstyle will be for the occasion.

Some hairstyles are more appropriate for certain events that others. Imagine wearing a ponytail hairstyle at a pool party. It’s going to get ruined. 

Although, some hairstyles are designed to fit into whatever occasion you’re going for.

Most of the birthday hairstyles listed above are very budget friendly unlike buying a new wig.

Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you want for your birthday then go ahead and slay, but if you need a more budget friendly option so that you can spend more money on enjoying yourself then these hairstyles will be perfect for you.

How do you want to feel on your birthday? Some people like to go extra (as they should!), your birthday only comes around once a year so it you want to go all out then you should.

But if you want a more toned down event then I’d recommend going for simple styles like knotless braids or stitch braids.

It can be scary trying out a new look right before a big event like your birthday but trust me you don’t want to be too predictable.

There’s nothing wrong with trying new hairstyles and being more versatile.

You’re sure to turn more heads with a hairstyle that people have never seen on you before than your go to hairstyle.

Your birthday hairstyle is not the time to be trying out new hairstylist that you have no background information about.

By background information I mean no reviews or recommendations. The last thing you want on your birthday is to be feeling sad because you don’t like your hair.

Here are 10 gorgeous hairstyles ideas for your birthday.

I know it is how stressful finding the perfect hairstyle can be, that’s why I’ve compiled a list of all the hairstyles that will make you feel and look like a baddie on your birthday.

Which of the hairstyles are you trying on your next birthday?

Let me know in the comments below!

10 Nigerian baddies birthday hairstyles

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