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Top 4 hair relaxer brands in Nigeria

This blog post is about the top 4 hair relaxer brands In Nigeria and the things you must know before getting your hair relaxed.

For a very long time black women have been making use of chemicals called hair relaxers to straighten the natural texture of hair in order to make it more easy to manage and maintain.

So, are you thinking of getting your hair relaxed? Natural hair is beautiful and great but there is nothing wrong with not having the time and energy required to maintain it.

Why struggle to keep up with your hair and end up resenting it, when you can find easier ways to manage your hair that will make you fall in love with your hair even more? 

This is not to say that you can’t love your natural hair but it’s hard to love something when it’s constantly frustrating you. 

That is why I chose to enjoy the ease and versatility that came with getting my hair relaxed.

If you’re considering getting your hair relaxed here are some things you have to know before getting the relaxer and here are the top 4 relaxer brands in Nigeria.

Do you already have relaxed hair and need a hair care routine? Check out this post on the best Daily relaxed hair care routine.

What is a relaxer?

Hair strands are made of a several protein molecules called keratin. 

These proteins are held together by special bonds that help maintain the coily texture of natural hair. 

The relaxer is a chemical that breaks this bonds and chemically straightens the hair with the help of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide (lye) or calcium hydroxide (a safer option).

How does getting a relaxer for the first time work?

Good quality hair relaxer brand in Nigeria usually come in a box with different products and include directions for use.

After your stylist (or you, whatever the case may be) reads and understands the instructions. You can begin to mix up the relaxer. Remember every brand has their own specific instructions.

To prepare the hair, your stylist will cover the edges of your hairline with a base product that prevents the harsh relaxer from coming in direct contact with your skin. Most quality relaxer brands include this in the packaging but if your relaxer doesn’t come with a base product Vaseline is a good substitute.

You need to de-tangled your hair to ensure a smooth process. Your hair stylist will then proceed to Sectioning your hair into sizes that are easier to work with.

Your hairstylist will then part your hair into even smaller sections from root to tips. This is just to ensure that the relaxer coats the hair evenly and completely. Note that your hairstylist should try avoiding direct contact between your scalp and the relaxer.

I’d recommend using an Afro comb or a wide tooth comb to go through your original sections thoroughly. Some stylists will go through the hair with a fine tooth comb but it’s not necessary if you’re using a good relaxer.

After applying the relaxer ensure you wait in a cool area for however long was specified by the relaxer brand before washing the relaxer off.

Although if you start to feel a burning sensation I’d recommend just washing the relaxer off immediately.

5 things never to do before your appointment.

  1. Wash your hair: I recommend waiting to relax your hair at least 2-3 weeks after your last wash day. The layer of sweat and debris helps protect your scalp from the relaxer and prevents scalp injuries.
  2. Scratch your hair with your fingers: You need to avoid scratching your scalp with your fingernails at least two days before your appointment if you know you’re going to get your hair relaxed.
  3. Walking under hot sun or being in a very hot environment before your appointment
  4. Dying your hair: The chemicals from hair dye already weaken your hair strands so you’d want to wait at least a month before getting the relaxer.
  5. Not de-tangling your hair: This is a recipe for hair loss if you ask me. You should never go to any hair appointment without personal de-tangling your hair.

What to know before relaxing your hair?

Before choosing the right hair relaxer brand in Nigeria for you there are a lot of things to consider so ensure you do thorough research before selecting the right brand.

  1. Make sure the hair relaxer brand products are cohesive with your other hair products to prevent adverse reaction.
  2. There might be scalp burn especially if your hairstylist wasn’t careful while applying the relaxer or if the relaxer was left for too long.
  3. The relaxer breaks bonds in hair thereby altering the integrity. This can possibly make your hair dry and even cause dry scalp.
  4. Relax hair requires gentle handling to avoid unnecessary shedding.
  5. Research the hair relaxer brands in Nigeria. Chemical hair straighteners from different brands have recently been put into the public spotlight. This was after findings showed that recent use of relaxers could cause uterine cancer and other issues. Many women use it without knowing the risks. A study finds Black women may be more affected due to higher use. 

The mega growth No lye relaxer is meant to increase elasticity and movement to produce strong healthy hair. The product is made up of active ingredients such as Calcium hydroxide(a substitute for sodium hydroxide i.e lye), Guanidine carbonate, petrolatum, Propylene glycol and mineral oils. These ingredients are all safe to have on the hair and scalp in the appropriate concentrations. You can get a pack containing 7 mega growth touch up kit for 8500 naira. The kits contains the crème activator and relaxer. As well as deep conditioner and leave in strengthener.

The dark and lovely superior moisture kit is infused with Shea butter and promises to cause 60% less breakage. The formula containing No lye, is suitable for fine to medium hair. The formula is made up of active ingredients such as calcium hydroxide, guanine carbonate, petrolatum, mineral oils and Propylene glycol. This relaxer kit contains the relaxer cream, cream activator, neutralizing shampoo and deep conditioner goes for (6550 Naira).

The ORS olive oil built in protection no lye relaxer is infused with olive oil and natural herbs. These ingredients help protect against damages that may occur during hair processing. The relaxer promises to leave your hair looking healthy and feeling softer. The formula is made up of active ingredients such as calcium hydroxide, guanine carbonate, petrolatum and Propylene glycol. The ORS olive oil relaxer kit contains a relaxer base, relaxer activator. Also the Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo Shampooing, Olive Oil Replenishing Pak Conditioner and Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. The touch up kit cost about 1000 naira while the relaxer kit cost 6,300 naira. 

The TCB natural crème hair relaxer helps protect and strengthen hair with infused natural oils, proteins and DNA. The relaxer promises to leave your hair straight and manageable. The relaxer kit costs 4000 naira. It contains the no base relaxer, neutralizing shampoo and live in hair treatment with coconut oil and Shea butter.


Natural hair is beauty but it’s okay if you can’t keep up with the maintenance!

I hope you have a better view on what your first hair relaxer appointment will look like and the top 4 hair relaxer brands in Nigeria. 

Do you have any questions about relaxing your hair?

Let me know in the comments below!

Top 4 hair relaxer brands in Nigeria

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