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How to create your hair salon brand

The key to running a successful business is having an amazing brand that stands out. I used to thing that the business was about what you’re selling but in reality it’s all about the experience your customers get when they buy your service.

Let’s take for instance, a brand like Fenty beauty is notable for it’s great diversity but let’s be honest here there are a lot of brands out there that have a wide range of foundation shades but why do you think people would prefer to buy from Fenty beauty? It’s because of the brand. 

When you have a good brand and customer base no matter what product you put out, you’re going to sell it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that the product has nothing to do with sales but your brand has more power.

As business owners the immediate goal is to make profit but having that mindset tends to blind us from even greater possibilities like making your business an authority in your field.

Do you know what is better than making profit? Being the number 1 pick for your customers. The only way you can do this is by making their experience an amazing one.

Your hair salon brand includes everything that makes your hair salon different from another hair salon. That is, your salon name, logo, uniform, staff, products, location, social media and the entire experience as a whole.

The only way you can distinguish yourself from your competitors is by doing things differently and giving them an experience that they will not forget.

This is not to say that you need to reinvent the wheel and come up with entirely new strategies. If your competitors have customers then they are doing something right. Take knife of the things they’re doing right and make it better. I tell you more about how you can make it better as we go on.

Before you can create an amazing experience for your clients you need to figure out a couple of things first. Here are 6 things you need to create your hair salon brand.

This is the basis of any business brand. It helps you understand what exactly you want for your brand. To help explain this point I will be using my own hair salon as an example.

Who is your brand?

What is your brand name? What is the personality of your brand? Think of your brand as a person. What is this person like? Assign human qualities to your brand help to determine the kind of voice you want your brand to have.

For instance my hair salon is called Hairbyshades, and if it was a person, she would be friendly, caring and helpful. 

What does your brand do?

This part of your brand is about your customers, how do you help them. What kind of services do you offer, and to whom? 

Hairbyshades salon offers a wide range of services like from braiding, wig revamping and hair care and my target demographic is mainly female college students.

Why do you have a brand?

Note that this is not the same question as why do you have a business.

The essence of your hair salon brand is to give your customers an experience that is memorable and different from another salon experience even while offering the same services.

Hairbyshades salon aims to offer painless services in a comfortable friendly environment.

What does your hair salon represent, what is important to your brand.

Most people tend to think that the values are based on your customers but they are wrong. Your brand values, like other parts of your brand is entirely determined by you as a business owner and what you want.

It can quickly become tiring when you do something because you think it’s what will sell and not actually what you want.

There are endless possibilities of values that you can incorporate into your brand. Here is a list of some important core hair salon values.

  • Neat hairstyles
  • Comfortable environment 
  • Professional service
  • Friendly staff
  • Painless hairstyles 
  • Quick service
  • Availability 
  • Entertainment 
  • Luxury 
  • Privacy
  • Affordability

For your brand to really offer an unforgettable experience, you need to think about what exactly you’ll be doing to make a difference.

Compare your hair salon with your competitors. What are they doing that’s working for them and what are they doing that’s not so great. 

For instance, My schools hair salon is excellent at braiding, their results are great. This is a point they have in their favor and a reason why they would continue to have customers. 

Although, I also discovered that they don’t really care about their customers while offering the service, in the sense that they are not gentle with their clients hair. This is a point against them.

So a way that my hair salon is different is that, I take into account my clients well-being. My services are targeted to people who are tender headed and do not appreciate their hair being manhandled.

In a way, this is kind of like a debate where you anticipate your opponent or in this case competitors wrong moves and you counter them to make your own hair salon even better.

This includes your logo, brand colors and aesthetic and it is an extremely important part of your brand. Once you’ve established your brands voice and personality you need to choose an appearance that is cohesive.

When you look at your brand, be it the logo, the location of your hair salon, the uniforms, what do you want to see?

To determine this you need to incorporate all the things we’ve discussed about. Your brand identity, values and authenticity.

For instance, my hair salon brand is friendly, caring and helpful and we prioritize ourselves in delivering what our clients want while providing comfort. We are unique because we are able to execute painless hairstyles that look neat and last long.

With this knowledge I would want my brand to reflect these qualities. When selecting my color palette, I’d pick colors that are light, warm, and inviting and I’d stir away from harsher dramatic colors.

If your brand is about delivering bold creative hairstyles, your color palette will be tending towards the more striving colors. 

So your brand identity determines the kind of aesthetic your brand has. It is important that you don’t just randomly choose an aesthetic that has nothing to do with your brand identity.

You can’t have a hair salon that offers wig installation to baddies and your aesthetic is not giving baddie. It would be very confusing.

For your brand to be unique to only you, you need to make sure that you’re not constantly changing everything that makes up your brand. You’ll only end up confusing your customers.

If your salon aesthetic is for baddies you can’t start posting contents that are targeted at another class of people who are not baddies. You need to make up your mind on what exactly you want your brand to be and stick with it.

If you are consistent with your brand identity, this encourages other people to identify your brand with a certain aesthetic and soon enough the brand will market itself.

This has to do with how you present your brand to your clients. How do potential clients get to know about your brand? The best platform to use to get your brand out there is social media. But you can’t just go on social media and start posting without a plan.

Your social media is the place to showcase all the parts that you have established about your brand. 

Ensure that your brand identity, personality, values and authenticity is displayed in every single post, comments, story or whatever. 

If you already have the whole brand figured out then you have to establish your social media presence. Make sure that you are constantly engaging on social media so as to put your brand in the face of potential clients.

Here are my tips on how to create your hair salon brand!

Creating a brand is like bringing your business to life and once your business is alive how would it react to certain situations? What would it say?

This blog post help you discover what exactly your hair salon brand is all about.

Do you have any questions about creating your hair salon brand?

Let me know in the comments below!

How to create a hair salon brand

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