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The only relaxed hair care routine you’ll ever need

This post contains the only relaxed hair care routine you’ll ever need.

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Do you happen to have relaxed hair that is damaged and just not growing? Don’t worry babe we’ve all been there and I’m here to help you fix that! Honestly, to see different results you need to do things differently, you’re probably using the wrong hair care routine or not using any routine at all. So here is my beginner friendly daily relaxed hair care routine for long healthy hair.

I’ve had relaxed hair for practically all my life and I’ve spent a good amount of time perfecting the ‘hairbyshades’ daily relaxed hair care routine’ that will definitely give you the strong healthy long hair that I’m sure you want. Who said relaxed hair can’t be healthy and long?

I know most people don’t really care for their hair but thank God we are not a part that lot and we actually want to see different results. As you probably already know, the wrong hair care routine or no routine at all can be extremely dangerous to your hair growth and generally, your hair health.

It is extremely important that you discover the best hair care routine for your hair. Although, relaxed hair is considerably easy to manage it requires the optimum care and attention.

Night time Hair routine

After you get your hair freshly relaxed or when your hair is not in a protective style, you can retain the silky fresh feel by following these easy night time hair routine

1. Detangle hair gently with fingers if there are any knots and comb through hair with a wide tooth comb.

2. Pack Hair up in a loose high ponytail with a silk scrunchy. I would highly recommend this because I know you hate it when you feel that bump when you lay your head on that silk pillow. The silk scrunchy is not just to look cute though it prevents unnecessary hair damage.

3. A silk bonnet is also highly recommended because it prevents hair damage and helps retains moisture. Don’t you ever sleep on that silk bonnet!

4. Finally end your day like a goddess by sleeping on that silk pillow case and wake up with that gorgeous healthy hair!

Day time Hair routine

Whenever your hair is not in a protective hairstyle this is definitely the go to hair care routine even before you start styling your hair.

1. Start by moisturizing your hair with a really good live in hair conditioner. I’d recommend the Profectiv Megagrowth live in conditioner.

2. Gently detangle hair with fingers if there are any knots in your hair (and trust me there wouldn’t be any knots in your hair if you use my night routine).

3. Using a wide tooth comb or an Afro comb, comb hair gently starting from the tips working your way up to the hair roots.

4. Now it’s time to rub in your edges oil and a good option would be Castor oil because it stimulates hair growth.

5. Finally to end the whole routine massage your favorite hair oils and hair creams into your scalp and hair. (FYI my favorite hair cream is definitely the coconut scented TCB hair cream)

Now your hair is perfect for hair styling.

Thinking of hair care in a routine in way can make it more discouraging. So instead of having a wash day routine, reward yourself by having a self pampering at home hair care day.

Here are the steps to having a perfect relaxing hair care day at home!

Put on your favorite relaxing music or turn on your favorite show as you take out your old braids (that is if you have braids in) and if you don’t have braids then just skip to step two.

Apply your favorite live in conditioner and gently detangle and comb through hair from tips to root. If you’re feeling resistance at any point don’t pull on it, gently detangle with your fingers. Remember this is supposed to be relaxing don’t pull your hair out.

For thicker natural hair (or if you just have alot of hair) divide hair into smaller sections. If your hair relaxed or thinner you might not need to do this.

Prepoo hair by coating each section with your favorite conditioner, honey or oils to add moisture before shampooing and then twist each section. Leave the hair for about 15 minutes.

Shampoo your hair and gently wash your scalp to ensure your removing any product build up. Don’t wash your hair too many times 2-3 times is enough then rinse with lukewarm water.

Deep condition hair by applying your favorite deep conditioner again on your wet hair ( If your hair is not in twists then you should detangle again at this step). Wear a plastic hair cap and heat the hair in a steam or heating cap for 20 minutes before washing the hair.

Massage your favorite hair butter and oils into the scalp gently and then work your way down your hair strands. Take your time in this step and ensure to relax by the end your hair should be moist and oily. Leave to air dry or if you prefer you can twist your hair in this state.

If you prefer to keep dry hair, spray on your favorite heat protectant or coconut oil and gently blow dry hair till it is dry. And your perfectly relaxing at home hair care day is complete!

Yay! you’re finally ready to start taking your hair journey seriously seriously and I’m so proud of you bestie.

In this post i have a detailed beginner friendly daily relaxed hair care routine for long healthy hair.

What other steps do you include in your relaxed hair care routine?

Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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